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School Leavers

SL1: Career Decision Making - Why Self-Awareness Counts

This webinar explores ways to raise awareness through reflecting on interests, skills, likes and dislikes, weaknesses, and values and will provide information to help you access resources through the Your Career website.

Parents & Guardians

PG1: Help Your Young Person to a Right Career Path For Them

An informative webinar designed for parents and guardians to unpack self-awareness and career opportunities with their young person and assist in understanding how personal interests can help identify personally and professionally rewarding career pathways.

PG2: What's Next For Your Young Person?

This webinar aims to unveil information from the Parents and Guardian's Guide for School Leavers. In this webinar, our career practitioner provides invaluable insight into the resources available for a young person to explore while discussing the option to study or begin working.

PG3: The Changing Nature of the World of Work

The world of work is constantly changing, including how young people find, apply and secure employment. Listen to a panel of industry experts share their advice and insights on what employers are seeking.