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Are you?

  • 16+ years of age? 
  • leaving school? 
  • thinking about your career options?
  • looking to upskill or reskill?
  • re-entering the workforce?
  • looking to work in an in-demand industry?

Gaining qualifications can help you find rewarding work in a wide range of jobs and industries. Through JobTrainer, you may be able to study a free or low-fee course to help you on your way.

Some courses in priority areas, such as digital skills or aged care and support, are available to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

What is JobTrainer?

JobTrainer gives eligible people access to free or low-fee courses in some of Australia's fastest-growing industries, including aged care, digital skills, disability support and childcare.

JobTrainer can help you learn skills for jobs in demand through nationally accredited training. It has been extended to give more people access to free or low-fee courses and help skill the Australian workforce for the future.

Search for JobTrainer funded courses on My Skills.

Free or low-fee courses

You can learn new skills or upgrade your existing skills through an accredited diploma, certificate or short course. These courses will help prepare you for work in industries like health, aged care and disability support, teaching, IT, science and the trades.   

There are courses designed to meet your immediate and long-term needs. Flexible study options mean there’s no need to wait.  

With JobTrainer, you can train or study through Registered Training Organisations. You may also be able to access JobTrainer courses as part of an apprenticeship or traineeship. Traineeships are work-based training that allow you to ‘earn while you learn’, combining employment with training courses.

A wide variety of courses are available through JobTrainer. You can search for providers in your area and find the course that’s right for you on MySkills.

JobTrainer materials

JobTrainer uses a range of materials and resources to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Examples of some of these materials are below.

You may like to share these to help us raise awareness of JobTrainer amongst your networks, friends and family.


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