Male real estate agent shows potential homeowners a view from the living room windows in the home.

Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services

Renting and leasing assets; selling, buying and managing real estate


The rental, hiring and real estate services industry includes all enterprises engaged in renting and leasing assets, as well as businesses engaged in selling, buying and managing real estate.

This industry also manages the hire and lease of assets such as brand names, patents, trademarks and franchise agreements, plus the rental, valuation, selling and management of domestic, commercial and industrial real estate.

Rental and Hiring includes all car hiring, farm animal and bloodstock leasing, and leasing of other goods like video games and heavy machinery.

Real Estate Services includes the selling or renting of property, the management of rental properties, and property valuations.


  • There are job opportunities across all education levels.
  • This is a small industry and around half of the workforce is female.