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The retail trade industry covers the display and sale of new or used goods to consumers, for personal or household consumption. This includes purchase and on-selling, commission-based buying, and commission-based selling of goods (without significant transformation).

The Retail Trade industry also includes units that purchase and on sell goods to the general public using non-traditional means, including the internet.

Jobs involve the selling of food, fuel, motor vehicles and their parts, pharmaceuticals, hardware, building and garden supplies, clothing, footwear and personal accessories, recreational goods, furniture, floor coverings, houseware and textile goods, and electrical and electronic goods.

Jobs are in any retail outlet that offers goods for public sale, department stores, non-store retailing and retail commission-based buying and/or selling.


  • Many workers do not have post-school qualifications.
  • Casual, part-time and seasonal employment is common.
  • Jobs are available throughout all geographical areas of Australia.
  • Part-time work and weekend work allows workers to combine work and study, or work and caring responsibilities.