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Businesses in the wholesale trade industry sell and distribute goods to other businesses (in both the private sector and the public sector) who will resell the goods.

Wholesale traders act as intermediaries in the distribution of merchandise. They sell (or arrange the purchase or sale of) goods for resale as well as raw and intermediate materials and supplies that are used in production.

Wholesaling is often characterised by high value and/or bulk volume transactions, and customers are generally reached through trade-specific contacts. Therefore, premises are not generally located or designed to attract a high proportion of walk-in customers, and usually include warehouses or large storage facilities, or offices with little or no display of goods.

Most jobs are in commission-based wholesaling, and include the sales of grocery items, liquor and tobacco, machinery and equipment, motor vehicle and motor vehicle parts, pharmaceutical and toiletry goods, textile, clothing and footwear, furniture and floor coverings.


  • There are good entry level opportunities that do not require study after high school.
  • Most jobs in this industry are full-time.
  • Wholesale jobs are generally in capital cities.