The Preparing Secondary Students for Work framework supports the vision that all students should have access to quality vocational learning and VET as part of their secondary schooling.


The Preparing Secondary Students for Work framework helps schools to better deliver vocational learning and vocational education and training (VET) to secondary school students.

The framework:

  • clarifies terminology often associated with VET
  • outlines the purpose and expected outcomes from VET activities
  • recognises that VET undertaken at school is the same as all other VET
  • makes a clear distinction between vocational learning and VET delivered to secondary school students.

To help your school understand and use the framework a range of tools and resources are available.

Self-assessment tools

These self-assessment tools help schools to review or implement new or existing career education and vocational learning programs.

VET self-assessment tool

The VET self-assessment tool helps to plan, implement and review the vocational education and training (VET) programs in schools.

Career education self-assessment tool

The Career education self-assessment tool evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of school career education programs.