Little moments today can change children's lives.

The experiences we have as children have the power to shape our future. Find out how creating the right Little Ripples can impact the way children see themselves and their future.

Little Ripples in the classroom can last a lifetime.


Ready to see the power of Little Ripples? Watch this short video to see adults reunited with their former primary school teachers, talking about the impact the teachers have had on their lives. 

Hear more about how Little Ripples in the classroom can last a lifetime.


Teachers play a vital role in shaping children's futures and their impact on young lives can last a lifetime.

Ex student sitting with previous teacher

Early influences, future career

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"Maybe he saw something in me" Brandon now has a career in law and shares his appreciation of his teachers' care and attention.

Ex student sitting with previous teacher

Inspiring confidence

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“You could tell she genuinely cared about us” Katrina reflects on the positive relationship with her teacher and how this experience has stayed with her into her adult life.

Ex student sitting with previous teacher

Sport opens doors

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“You opened your world up to me” Find out how Narelle’s teacher opened doors and inspired Narelle build a successful basketball and teaching career.


Bring the world of work to life through story.


Developed to spark conversations with children in the classroom, the stories follow Rosa as she engages with her community and discovers different careers and job roles.

Girl with elderly woman

eBook:Rosa Helps Her Neighbour

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Rosa discovers her elderly neighbour, Mrs Khattab, is limping after tripping over a broken tile. We discover all the people Mrs Khattab sees to improve her health and check the safety of her house.


eBook: Rosa at the Sheep Farm

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Rosa and her brother visit a sheep farm that is run by Rosa’s uncle. It's shearing time when they arrive, so they watch the sheep shearing and discover what happens to the fleece.

Girl in a hard hat

eBook: Rosa and the New Library

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Rosa and her classmates attend the opening of a new library which has been built after consultation with the community and her school. The children visit the library and learn how buildings are carefully designed and built by people with a wide range of skills and jobs.


Create a positive Little Ripple in the classroom.


Brighten up your classroom by downloading and printing the colourful posters, designed around the eBook stories. Download the free activity sheets to get the conversations started, and creativity flowing in the classroom.

Activity Sheet pages

Activity Sheets

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A wide range of activity sheets for children to either work on individually, in small groups, or as a whole class.

Posters for classroom walls

Little Ripples Posters

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Display posters showing Rosa’s adventures with different characters from the Little Ripples eBook stories.


Little Ripples at home can last a lifetime.


Ready to see the power of Little Ripples? Watch the video to see how little moments of inspiration can have a lasting impact on children

Create positive Little Ripples at home.


Learn how to make a positive Little Ripples with your children. Download our free range of engaging conversation cards and fun activity sheets below to get started .

Conversation Cards

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Our conversation cards offer a series of fun and thought-provoking questions to inspire meaningful conversations between parents and children.


Activity Sheets

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Designed to spark curiosity and positive thinking, our printable Activity Sheets allow children to explore their individual strengths and ambitions.


The importance of starting early.


Research tells us that children are already starting to make subconscious decisions about their future aspirations and opportunities from as young as seven. This is why it's so important to start creating the right Little Ripples early, through conversations and activities that help to broaden and positively contribute to their future aspirations and possible career paths.

7 Years. The age children's aspirations are affected by stereotypes.

Early intervention helps to broaden their horizons and aspirations.

Parents have an important role in encouraging curiosity in their children.

Curiosity helps children to explore their potential, both now and in the future.

Childhood experiences are grounded in the construction of identity

Classroom conversations and activities can influence a child's future aspirations and career.


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