Little moments today can change children's lives.

The experiences we have as children have the power to shape our future. Find out how creating the right Little Ripples can change children's lives.

Little Ripples can last a lifetime.


Ready to see the power of Little Ripples? Watch the film to see how little moments can have a lasting impact.

Create a positive Little Ripple today.


Learn how to make a positive Little Ripple with your children. Download our free range of conversation cards and activity worksheets below to get started.

Conversation Cards

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Our conversation cards offer a series of fun and thought-provoking questions to inspire meaningful conversations between parents and children.


Activity Sheets

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Designed to spark curiosity and positive thinking, our printable Activity Sheets allow children to explore their individual strengths and ambitions.


The importance of starting early.


Research suggests that children are already starting to make subconscious decisions about their future abilities and opportunities from as young as seven. This is why it's so important to start creating the right Little Ripples early, helping to shape children's future happiness, lives and careers.

7 Years. The age children's aspirations are affected by stereotypes.

Early intervention helps to broaden their horizons and aspirations.

Parents have an important role in encouraging curiosity in their children.

Curiosity helps children to explore their potential, both now and in the future.