Australian Blueprint for Career Development

The Australian Blueprint for Career Development includes resources to help career advisers create and review career development services for young people and adults.

What is the blueprint?


The Australian Blueprint for Career Development is a framework for creating, strengthening and evaluating career development programs for young people and adults. The Blueprint identifies the skills, attitudes and knowledge that individuals will need to make sound choices to effectively manage their careers.

The Blueprint provides a holistic view of career development. It is especially useful for people developing comprehensive career development programs and resources, such as:

  • teachers
  • human resources staff
  • career development practitioners.

Use the Blueprint to:

  • plan, implement and evaluate career development programs and resources
  • specify learning outcomes that are clear and measurable
  • communicate with other service providers using a shared language and operating framework.

Success stories


Helping people to develop the skills and knowledge they need to manage their careers is everyone’s job.

Using the Blueprint can help you create a well-rounded career development program. It highlights the importance of understanding an individual holistically to help you offer better career advice to young people and adults.

The following success stories highlight how the Blueprint:

  • promotes holistic career development
  • eases collaboration
  • provides credibility to build new programs.

Holistic career development: Bedford Industries

Using the Blueprint helped Bedford Industries provide more effective career development to people with disabilities. Bedford used the Blueprint to identify gaps in its Job Ready (Furniture) program, such as where the program could help people with disabilities develop career management competencies.

This also highlighted the need for schools to provide students with a disability with opportunities to learn about and develop their career management competencies.

Easing collaboration: Association of Independent Schools South Australia (AISSA) Community of Practice

The Blueprint eases collaboration between primary and secondary schools, government departments, and community organisations.

The members of the Association of Independent Schools South Australia Community of Practice (CoP) used the Blueprint to identify where they could improve career development for students, clients and colleagues.

  • The Blueprint helped primary teachers make links between career management competencies and the identity and wellbeing focus of primary teaching.
  • Staff from the Youth Enterprise branches at TAFE acknowledged that the Blueprint was a useful framework for working with disengaged clients.
  • The Blueprint was a useful framework for exploring HR issues within the workplace.
  • Government agency staff used the Blueprint to incorporate career management competencies into performance management tools.

Credibility: St John Fisher College (QLD)

The Blueprint has a credibility and recognition that is useful when implementing new programs. For St John Fisher College (QLD), promoting the Blueprint was an important first step in developing its career education program.

Before the Blueprint, there was no history of commitment to the career development of students. Introducing the Blueprint helped staff understand the learning outcomes of career education and encouraged them to positively implement career development activities.



Blueprint worksheets

Worksheets to help students think about their career development


Blueprint Teachers notes

Teacher’s notes to lead career development sessions for young people.


Individual Pathway Plan

Downloadable career planning tool for students



Useful appendices to the Australian Blueprint for Career Development.