Happy woman driving a truck in the transport industry wearing high visibility clothing

Truck Driver

Drive trucks and large vans to transport bulky goods and liquids.


Truck drivers drive trucks with or without trailers to transport materials, livestock, machinery, liquids, general freight, and sometimes hazardous substances.

Work is mostly in the truck, driving on the road. Nights away from home are often required.

Suits people who are reliable, confident to drive heavy vehicles and skilled at handling and moving large objects.


  • select the appropriate route to deliver goods to their destination
  • manoeuvre the vehicle into position for loading and unloading goods
  • help with loading goods to ensure they are safely secured and are easily accessible
  • load and unload vehicles using lifting and tipping devices and observe safety requirements
  • make regular quality checks of vehicles to ensure they can be driven safely
  • estimate weight of goods to comply with load limitations; ensure weight is distributed safely
  • verify loading documents, check condition of goods and receive certification of deliveries.


  • physically demanding
  • requires driving
  • working outdoors.

Occupation snapshot
$1,509 / week
Apprenticeships may be available

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