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Aircraft Baggage Handlers and Airline Ground Crews load and unload baggage, direct planes, position staircases, fill aircraft fuel tanks and perform other aircraft ground services to ensure aircraft operations run efficiently.


  • sorts baggage
  • drives baggage and freight to aircraft on forklifts and transport trolleys
  • helps position loading ramps and staircases
  • loads items into aircraft as per instructions, including livestock
  • fills aircraft fuel tanks
  • unloads aircrafts of freight and baggage
  • directs planes to parking positions
  • directs passengers
  • cleans aircraft.


  • physically demanding
  • requires driving
  • stressful
  • working outdoors.

To become an Aircraft Baggage Handler and Airline Ground Crew

  • You can work as an Aircraft Baggage Handler and Airline Ground Crew without formal qualifications, however, a certificate II or III in aviation (ground operations and services) may be useful.

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