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$1,129 per week


Telemarketers telephone existing and prospective customers to promote goods and services, and obtain sales and arrange sales visits.


  • working from scripts and lists of contacts to promote goods and services by telephone
  • creating interest in goods and services, and seeking a sale or agreement to see sales representatives
  • arranging processing and despatch of goods and services, information kits and brochures to customers
  • arranging appointments for sales representatives
  • recording notes for follow-up action and updating marketing databases to reflect changes to the status of each customer
  • reporting competitor activities and issues raised by contacts for attention by managers
  • maintaining statistics of calls made and successes achieved
  • submitting periodic reports on telemarketing activities and results
  • may work in a call centre.


  • stressful.

To become a Telemarketer

  • You can work as a Telemarketer without formal qualifications. Some on the job training may be provided. A certificate II or III in customer engagement might be helpful.

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Skills employers are looking for

  • Communication Skills

  • Telesales

  • Outbound Sales

  • Sales

  • Telemarketing

  • Building Relationships

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