A female checkout assistant scans a families groceries

Checkout Operator and Office Cashier

Operate cash registers and receive payments from customers; issue receipts and provide change.


Checkout operators and cashiers take payments from customers for goods or services and issue sales invoices. They also keep records and make sure all money is accounted for.

Work is in a commercial environment such as a supermarket or within an office.

Suits people with a basic understanding of mathematics who can interact well with others and provide good customer service.


  • scan, weigh and record prices of goods
  • take payments for goods and services using a cash register or other point of sale machine
  • issue sales dockets and give change
  • make sure there is enough change, wrapping and other materials needed at checkout
  • count and record money received and balanceing against register sales records
  • record and balance petty cash disbursements
  • operate a computer terminal to administer the store's financial transaction system
  • cash authorised cheques.


  • irregular hours.

Occupation snapshot
$900 / week
Apprenticeships may be available

To become a Checkout Operator and Office Cashier



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