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$1,101 per week


Retail Supervisors supervise and coordinate the activities of retail sales workers.


  • ensuring that customers receive prompt service and quality goods and services
  • responding to customers' inquiries and complaints about goods and services
  • planning and preparing work schedules and assigning staff to specific duties
  • interviewing, hiring, training, evaluating, dismissing and promoting staff, and resolving staff grievances
  • instructing staff on how to handle difficult and complicated sales procedures
  • examining returned goods and deciding on appropriate action
  • taking inventory of goods for sale and ordering new stock
  • ensuring that goods and services are correctly priced and displayed
  • ensuring safety and security procedures are enforced.


  • irregular hours
  • stressful.

To become a Retail Supervisor

  • You usually need retail experience to work as a Retail Supervisor. While formal qualifications aren't essential, a certificate III or IV in retail supervising or managing may be useful.

    Take a Certificate III in Retail

Skills employers are looking for

  • Communication Skills

  • Store Management

  • Customer Service

  • Leadership

  • Merchandising

  • Pricing

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