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$874 per week


Pharmacy sales assistants sell pharmaceutical goods, toiletries and related goods in pharmacies and assist customers with any inquiries.

Work is usually indoors in a retail shop or pharmacy setting.

Suits people who are well presented, can communicate clearly and provide good customer service. Basic mathematics and knowledge of personal care products and medicines is useful.


  • accept prescriptions for retail pharmacists to fulfill
  • advise customers on the selection, price and use of non-prescription medicines
  • advise customers on the correct application and storage of medicines
  • sell goods such as non-prescription drugs, first aid supplies, toiletries and cosmetics
  • accept payment for goods and services and prepare sales invoices
  • promote goods and services that are for sale
  • help with stock takes and product inventories.

To become a Pharmacy Sales Assistant

Skills employers are looking for

  • Communication Skills

  • Customer Service

  • Inventory Maintenance

  • Display Set-Up

  • Promotional Support

  • Chemistry

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