A female Sales Assistant measures a shirt at the sales counter in a men's suit shop

Sales Assistant (General)

Assist customers to purchase goods or services and in a retail or wholesale environment.


Sales Assistants sell goods and services, such as food, clothing, hardware, household appliances, office supplies and cosmetics. They look after stock and help customers with any queries or needs.

Sales Assistants work wherever goods and/or services are sold, usually in a shop (retail) or warehouse (wholesale) business.

Suitable for those with excellent communication skills who are sympathetic to other people's needs.

Willingness to promote and market products or services to the public is essential.


  • help customers with any needs or questions
  • advise customers on product range, price, delivery, warranties and product use and care
  • take payments from customers for goods and services
  • help with stock management such as stocktakes, product inventories and ordering more products
  • display goods for sale and help with store promotions
  • pass customer complaints or feedback to the manager.


  • irregular hours
  • physically demanding.

Occupation snapshot
$961 / week
Apprenticeships may be available

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