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Production Assistants (Film, Television, Radio or Stage) provide technical, administrative and organisational support to producers or directors for film, television, radio or stage productions.


  • completes administrative, publicity and research work
  • works out shooting and rehearsal schedules
  • arranges production meetings
  • hires and books vehicles, accommodation, equipment and flights
  • sorts out any legal requirements in relation to venues
  • photocopies scripts, arranges voice-overs
  • organises contracts
  • deals with production enquiries from the public
  • labels and categorises tapes and sends them to the director and other relevant staff
  • carries out general administration tasks.

To become a Production Assistant (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)

  • You can work as a Production Assistant (Film, Television, Radio or Stage) without formal qualifications, however, a course in audio visual studies, media and communications, theatre production or another related field may be useful. University and Vocational Education and Training (VET) are both common study pathways.

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