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$1,383 per week


Other Clerical and Administrative Workers includes occupations such as Production Assistants (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Proof Readers, Radio Despatchers, Clinical Coders and Facilities Administrators.


  • translates narrative descriptions and numeric information into classification or record systems
  • provides technical, administrative and organisational support to producers or directors for film, television, radio or stage productions
  • reads draft copies and proofs, detects errors and marks corrections to grammar, typing and composition
  • provides radio and communications services for the coordination of operational units in transport, courier, military, emergency, security, rescue and road service organisations.

To become an Other Clerical & Administrative Worker

  • You can work as an Other Clerical or Administrative Worker without formal qualifications, however, they may be useful. Vocational Education and Training (VET) and university are both common study pathways.

    Take a Certificate III in Business Administration

Skills employers are looking for

  • Communication Skills

  • Organisational Skills

  • Facility Supervision

  • Microsoft Office

  • Computer Skills

  • Writing

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