Inspector and Regulatory Officer

Administer and enforce government and corporate regulations and standards.

$1424 per week


    Inspectors and regulatory officers manage permits or licences. They ensure all government and corporate regulations are met by individuals and organisations working to those regulations. Roles are broad, and include customs officials, water licence inspectors and railway inspectors.

    Work sites depend on the role, and can include airports, shipping terminals, railways, people's homes or any other environment where compliance checks are required.

    Suits reliable people with attention to detail and clerical skills. Good communication skills are helpful.


    Day-to-day tasks will vary according to the specific role; inspectors and regulatory officers may be required to:

    • check documents and goods to detect illegal activities
    • search vehicles, premises and people to detect undocumented or prohibited goods or illegal immigration activities
    • examine and assess visas and residency applications
    • test applicant suitability for learner permit or their ability to operate a motor vehicle
    • identify pest and weed problems to determine treatments and management
    • assess claims for government benefits
    • carry out random checks of taxation documents to detect non-compliance with taxation rules
    • conduct checks of transport systems and ensure services are maintained and running on time
    • assess applications for water licences and conduct related site inspections.


    • Physically demanding
    • Working outdoors

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