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Contract Administrators prepare, interpret, maintain, review and negotiate variations to contracts on behalf of organisations.


  • develops, reviews and negotiates variations to contracts, programs, projects and services
  • responds to inquiries and resolves problems concerning contracts, programmes, projects, services provided, and persons affected
  • manages paperwork associated with contracts, programmes, projects and services provided
  • works with project managers, architects, engineering professionals, owners and others to ensure that goals are met
  • advises senior management on matters requiring attention and implementing their decisions.


  • stressful.

To become a Contract Administrator

  • You usually need relevant industry experience to work as a Contract Administrator. Formal qualifications might be useful but aren't essential. Some workers have Vocational Education and Training (VET) or university qualifications in areas such as business and management, building, construction management and law .

    Take a Certificate III in Business Administration

Skills employers are looking for

  • Contract Administration

  • Communication Skills

  • Contract Management

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

  • Procurement Contracts

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