Community Worker

Develop and implement plans to improve life in the local community.
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    Community workers support people to create plans for their community that address local needs and issues; usually related to recreation, health, housing, employment and welfare matters. The purpose of these plans is to solve problems and improve opportunities and conditions for everyone in the local community.

    Work is usually based at community centres or offices, with some travel to attend meetings and visit community sites.

    Suitable for people who have social awareness, good listening skills and care for the wellbeing of others.


    • liaise with community groups, welfare agencies, government and business regarding community issues
    • assess community needs and resources for health, welfare, housing, employment and training
    • promote awareness of available resources, facilities and resources to the local community
    • encourage connections and networking within the community
    • encourage people to take leadership of community initiatives
    • work with community groups to develop and implement long-term plans
    • help community groups apply for government funding and encourage them to set up partnerships with other organisations such businesses and councils
    • set up and maintain local community projects and report on their progress.


    • Requires driving
    • Stressful

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