Ambulance Officer and Paramedic

Provide emergency and on-call health care and transport that helps people and saves lives.
$2180 per week


    Ambulance Officers and Paramedics provide emergency health care for people who are injured, sick or infirm. They provide patient transport to hospital and between hospitals, as required.

    Work is at the location of accidents, emergencies and requests for medical assistance. This may be at people's homes, on the road, sporting events, public gatherings and anywhere else health emergencies may occur.

    Suits those with an interest in the wellbeing of others who want to help with minor medical issues through to serious injuries and traffic accidents.

    The ability to communicate clearly under stressful conditions and with a diverse range of people is critical.


    • assess the health of patients and provide immediate assistance
    • perform therapies, administer drugs, resuscitate and defibrillate patients
    • operate life-support equipment
    • transport sick, injured and disabled persons to and from medical facilities
    • teach first aid to community groups and essential service workers
    • maintain ambulances and equipment
    • ensure medical supplies are well stocked
    • prepare written reports on patient injuries and treatments.


    • Physically demanding
    • Requires driving
    • Irregular hours
    • Working outdoors
    • Shift work
    • Stressful

    To become an Ambulance Officer and Paramedic

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