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$996 per week


Bakers and pastry cooks knead, cut, mould, mix and shape dough and pastry goods. They also prepare the pastry fillings, glaze buns and pastries, and decorate cakes.

Baking takes place in the kitchens of commercial food establishments such as patisseries, bakeries, restaurants and cafes. Early morning and late-night shifts are common.

Suits people who can follow recipes, work well within a team and perform under pressure and time constraints.


  • check and clean of equipment and premises before a production run
  • ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations
  • check the quality of raw materials and weigh ingredients
  • monitor oven temperatures and product appearance to determine baking times
  • coordinate the forming, loading, baking and cooling of batches of bread and pastry products
  • operate machines that roll and mould dough and cut biscuits
  • empty, clean and grease baking trays, tins and other cooking equipment.


  • irregular hours
  • physically demanding.

To become a Baker and Pastrycook

Skills employers are looking for

  • Food Safety

  • Retail Operations

  • Cooking

  • Communication Skills

  • Merchandising

  • Sales

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