Vehicle Body Builder and Trimmer

Make and repair vehicle car bodies and install, repair and replace the interior trim of vehicles.

$1153 per week


    Vehicle body builders and trimmers manufacture and repair the external bodies of many types of vehicles. They also install, repair and replace the interior cladding and trim of vehicles.

    Work is in garages, workshops or manufacturing plants. The work environment may be noisy and polluted, protective gear may be needed.

    Suits reliable people who have an interest in cars and good attention to detail.



    • work on an assembly line in the manufacture of new vehicles
    • repair the external and internal body of damaged vehicles to the standard of 'as new'
    • cut and shape panels of sheet metal aluminium and reinforced plastic and attach to frameworks
    • construct framework sections in metal, wood, fibreglass and other materials using shaping machines and cutting and welding equipment
    • prepare new vehicle trim work according to drawings and sketches
    • select and cut pieces of fabric, vinyl and leather and sew together using heavy-duty sewing machines
    • install lining, floor coverings and armrests inside vehicles
    • attach door trims, rubber seals, locks and handles.


    To become a Vehicle Body Builder and Trimmer

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