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Metallurgical or Materials Technicians test materials as part of mineral and metal processing and refining, or for research into metals, ceramics, polymers and other materials in support of Metallurgists and Materials Engineers.


  • studies the properties of metals and other materials
  • develops and improves existing materials
  • develops new combinations of metals (alloy development) and creates products that combine metals with other materials
  • develops techniques to repair metal damage
  • advises engineers and manufacturers on industrial processes that use metals and the correct selection of metals for specific uses
  • checks the quality of metals or other materials used in new products
  • conducts quality tests and other tests to detect defects
  • uses ultrasonic, radiographic and other non-destructive testing methods
  • interprets results from radiographs, meters and other indicators
  • write evidence briefs for litigation cases and appear as an expert witness in court.

To become a Metallurgical and Materials Technician

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