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Chemistry Technicians perform laboratory tests on organic and inorganic chemicals, analyse test data and carry out technical functions in support of Chemists or Chemical Engineers in a wide variety of areas such as fuels, agricultural products, food, pharmaceuticals, paints, metals, plastics, textiles, detergents, paper, fertilisers and cosmetics.


  • prepares materials for experimentation, including freezing and slicing specimens and mixing chemicals
  • collects information and samples
  • conducts field and laboratory experiments, tests and analyses
  • presents results in graphic or written form by preparing maps charts, sketches, diagrams and reports
  • performs routine mathematical calculations and computations of measurement
  • controls the quality and quantity of laboratory supplies by testing samples and monitoring usage
  • checks, calibrates and maintains test equipment
  • participates in fabricating, installing and modifying equipment to ensure that critical standards are met.

To become a Chemistry Technician

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