Social Worker

Provide care and advice to people within the community; support people in crisis and connect them with community welfare programs covering housing, welfare, employment or support with human rights issues.
$1829 per week
    Very strong


    Social workers work with individuals and families, as well as communities and other groups to provide support and resolve issues relating to wellbeing and human rights. They assist people to access resources for health, welfare, recreation, housing, employment and other community services.

    Work is in a diverse range of private and public settings such as prisons, refugee centres, hospitals and care facilities or clinics. Shift work and long hours be required, and travel to private residences is common.

    Suits those who interested in the care and wellbeing of others, who can remain calm and collected in crisis situations. Strong problem solving, communication and active listening skills are important.


    • help people access support and resources, including housing, health, welfare, and employment services
    • implement research projects to address client needs, organisation goals and social policy
    • implement pilot projects that develop the community and self-help skills of community members
    • cooperate with community organisations, social agencies and voluntary groups
    • support people in crisis; listen to their issues and assist with decision making
    • refer people to community services as needed
    • analyse, develop, promote and implement social policies
    • monitor the progress of clients by maintaining contact
    • compile case records and reports.


    • Requires driving
    • Stressful

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