ICT Business and Systems Analyst

Examine information technology and communications systems; design information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to meet business needs.

$2274 per week
    Very strong


    ICT business and systems analysts review and evaluate existing ICT systems against the business requirements of an organisation. They then develop system plans and documentation supporting improvements to ICT systems to match system functionality with business requirements.

    Work is usually in an office environment.

    Suitable for those with strong deductive reasoning and an aptitude for working with ICT. The ability to communicate clearly and work well within a team is also important.


    • assess and document business requirements; estimate costs and write business cases
    • analyse business processes and procedures to identify inefficiencies
    • design or recommend improvements to processes and procedures
    • develop project plans and cost, resource and manage projects
    • create user and training documents and run formal training classes on new/updated systems
    • develop functional specifications for use by system developers
    • write requirements for computer systems using models and diagrams
    • provide guidance on selection of new computing and software systems.


    • Stressful

    To become an ICT Business and Systems Analyst

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