Special Education Teacher

Teach and support children who have physical, learning, emotional, behavioural and communication difficulties.

$1914 per week
    Very strong


    Special education teachers teach children of primary through to secondary school age to develop social, physical, emotional and intellectual skills. They work with individual students and groups.

    Work is in classrooms or the wider school environment.

    Suited for caring people who are interested in the wellbeing of others. Good listening and communication skills and an understanding of psychology and human behaviour are helpful.


    • assess student abilities and limitations; design lesson plans and educational programs to suit
    • plan and schedule lessons; set exams and assessments to measure student progress
    • teach basic academic subjects within a set curriculum
    • teach practical and self-help skills to hearing and sight impaired students
    • set up instructional materials, methods and aids to assist in training and rehabilitation
    • advise parents and teachers on the availability and use of special teaching methods
    • foster student interests and abilities; coach manual skills and physical coordination
    • keep records of each student and submit reports
    • liaise with other specialists including speech therapists, educational psychologists, physiotherapists and psychiatrists.


    • Stressful

    To become a Special Education Teacher

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