Secondary School Teacher

Teach students in secondary school based on the curriculum; provide support and motivation to students.

$1914 per week


    Secondary School Teachers guide the learning of students between the ages of 13 to 18. They develop learning materials and activities based upon the set curriculum and guide students through their studies. As well as teaching, testing and assessing students, teachers also work to inspire and support students.

    Work is based at a High School or Secondary College campus. Some travel for excursions, sports or conferences may be required.

    Secondary school teaching suits caring people with excellent communication and listening skills. Organisational skills and the ability to motivate students are also important.


    • prepare lessons and teaching materials making sure they are based on the curriculum
    • set homework and tasks
    • guide discussion and activities in class
    • assess student progress and mark work
    • discuss student progress with parents and carers
    • attend staff meetings, workshops, conferences and professional development events
    • manage student behaviour, help with problems and offer advice
    • assist with extra-curricular tasks such as sport, music or concerts
    • organise study trips, social activities and sports events.


    • Stressful

    To become a Secondary School Teacher

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