Mechanical Engineer

Design and oversee installation of mechanical and process plant equipment and systems.

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    Mechanical engineers design and advise on the building and repair of machines, tools and installations. They also investigate problems and faults with machinery, and study ways to improve manufacturing and energy production.

    Work is in workshops, factories and offices and on building sites. Travel may be required.

    Suits people with an aptitude for technology, machines and tools, technical design and physics. Good communication and teamwork skills are important.


    • design mechanical equipment, machines, tools, components and products for manufacture
    • design and manage plants and systems
    • study the environmental and safety aspects of planned work
    • prepare plans and drawings of machines or machine parts
    • prepare and calculate cost estimates for jobs
    • manage project labour and the delivery of materials and equipment
    • establish standards and policies according to engineering principles and safety regulations
    • perform safety and quality inspections; prepare reports
    • oversee requirements for new designs, surveys and maintenance schedules.

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