Civil Engineer

Design the construction, and oversee the operation, of infrastructure including dams, bridges, pipelines, airports, water supply and sewage systems.
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    Civil engineers plan and design infrastructure projects including the construction of roads, drainage systems, buildings, dams or wharves. They analyse sites to see if a construction project is feasible and use computer software to develop and communicate designs. They may also oversee the construction or operation of infrastructure.

    Work is usually in an office, which may be located at a construction site.

    Suits people with an interest in building and construction who have good critical thinking, communication and organisation skills. An aptitude for technology, mathematics and technical design is important.


    • consult with clients on project requirements to determine suitability of sites and plans
    • determine construction methods, materials and quality standards
    • prepare reports, working drawings and specifications, plans and procedures
    • prepare cost estimates and evaluate the cost efficiency of projects
    • organise and direct site labour and the delivery of construction materials and equipment
    • submit plans to relevant authorities for approval and obtain building permits
    • supervise construction to ensure structures are built correctly
    • design structures to ensure they are safe and can bear dynamic and static loads
    • assess travel flow and usage patterns taking into account population increases and future growth.


    • Requires driving
    • Working outdoors

    To become a Civil Engineer

    • A Bachelor of Civil Engineering or a similar course with a major in Civil Engineering is required. A Masters of Civil Engineering can assist with career progression.

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    • A minimum of four years of work experience as an engineer is required to gain a professional licence.

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    • More information can be found at Engineers Australia.

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