Urban and Regional Planner

Develop and implement plans and policies for the controlled use of urban, regional and rural land.
$1738 per week


    Urban and regional planners provide advice and develop policies related to urban and regional development. They conduct analysis and planning activities considering the economic, environmental and social impact of land development. They also provide guidance to governments and organisations relating to land use and future development.

    Work is usually based in local or state and territory government offices. Site visits and travel may be required.

    Suitable for people with an interest in geography, community and government. The ability to think critically, analyse systems and listen actively are important.


    • compile and analyse data on the factors affecting land use
    • confer with government authorities, communities, architects, social scientists, legal professionals, and other specialists
    • recommend use and development of land
    • present plans, programs and designs to groups and individuals
    • review and evaluate environmental impact reports
    • stay up to date with changes in building and zoning codes, regulations and other legal issues
    • may serve as mediators in disputes over planning proposals and projects
    • may speak at public meetings and appear before Government to explain planning proposals.


    • Requires driving
    • Stressful

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