Graphic Designer

Design imagery and documents that fulfill a commercial or communication need.

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    Graphic Designers use colour, typography, symbols, imagery and layout to design assets for digital or print publication. They produce advertisements, logos, branding, icons and other illustrations that communicate the agreed message to the intended audience.

    Work is in-house for a company or organisation, for an agency studio, or self-employed as freelance designers.

    Suitable for those who are both creative and practical, and able to work to a client brief. Attention to detail, a good sense of composition and a strong command of graphic design software and computer technologies are essential.


    • consult with clients to determine the objectives and constraints of the design brief
    • research and analyse communication messages and goals
    • formulate design concepts for the subject or idea
    • prepare sketches, diagrams, illustrations and layouts
    • negotiate design solutions with clients, management, sales and production staff
    • select or recommend materials and media for publication, delivery or display
    • detail and document the selected design for production
    • supervise or produce the design in the chosen media.

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