Public Relations Professional

Develop communication strategies that promote a favourable view of organisations and their goods and services to the public.

$1865 per week


    Public relations professionals develop communication strategies and organise the publicity around product launches and branding campaigns. They manage the relationship between the organisation or brand, and the public by influencing public perception of the organisation, its goods and services and other activities. They often speak to the media.

    Work is usually within public relations agencies or within the organisation itself; some professionals are able to work in a freelance capacity. Travel may be required.

    Suits creative, innovative and inventive people with strong communication skills and the confidence to speak clearly and diplomatically to the media. The ability to work well under pressure is important.


    • plan and organise publicity campaigns and public communication strategies
    • advise clients on the public relations implications of their policies, programs and practices
    • prepare press releases and manage the release of news and information
    • analyse public opinion research and apply findings to public relations and promotional campaigns
    • organise publicity events, entertainment, competitions and social functions to promote goodwill
    • arrange and participate in media interviews
    • attend business, social and other functions to promote the organisation
    • influence marketing activities, advertising copy and design of branded material.


    • Stressful

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