Advertising and Marketing Professional

Persuade and influence consumers to purchase the products or services of an organisation.

$1737 per week
    Very strong


    Advertising and marketing professionals develop and implement pricing strategies and promotion campaigns to improves sales of goods and services.

    Work is typically in an office environment, either embedded within an organisation or a specialist agency.

    Suits people who are both creative and analytical. An understanding of human behaviour, psychology and motivation is important, as are strong skills in communication and organisation.


    • research potential demand and market opportunities for new goods and services
    • collect and analyse data and statistical information on consumer trends
    • create consumer awareness and effectively promote the attributes of goods and services
    • prepare and implement advertising or marketing programs to support business development
    • conduct market research around new and existing goods and services
    • advise on product mix, pricing, advertising and sales promotion, selling, and distribution channels
    • advise executives and clients on advertising strategies and campaigns to reach target markets
    • co-ordinate specialised activities (such as artwork, copywriting, scripting and video production) within time and budget constraints.

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