Land Economist and Valuer

Provide advice on the administration and use of land and property, assess the market value of land, property and items.

$1780 per week


    Land Economists conduct analysis of proposed land use and appraise proposed investments in land and property. Valuers assess the value of land and the built environments on that land.

    Work is in an office with travel to inspect property.

    Suits those with good interpersonal skills and attention to detail. Strong analytical skills and critical thinking are useful. A knowledge of law and government, the principles of valuation and the history and details of the items they are valuing is required.



    • give advice on land and property financing and valuation matters
    • determine the market value of property based on demand, location, land improvements and trends
    • research and advise on the administration and use of land and property
    • develop sales and leasing proposals for commercial land and property
    • analyse land and property investment and manage land and property portfolios
    • submit written assessment of valuations
    • check planning regulations and legal documents
    • may be called on to give evidence in court where there is dispute.



    • Stressful

    To become a Land Economist and Valuer

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