Financial Investment Manager

Manage sums of money and assets on behalf of others; invest funds to bring financial returns for clients.

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    Financial investment managers invest funds into stocks or property on behalf of clients. The purpose of investments is to generate income and profit for the client.

    Work is in an office, with regular travel to meet with clients.

    Suited to confident decision-makers who are comfortable working with numbers. Systems thinking and critical analysis skills are essential as they underpin an ability to see trends in the economy and predict future growth or decline in financial assets. Knowledge of insurance, sales and marketing, economics, accounting and financial markets is important.



    • talk to prospective clients to determine their financial status and objectives
    • develop financial plans and investment strategies for clients
    • monitor investment performance, and review and revise investment plans based on client needs and changes in markets
    • recommend and supply insurance cover for clients
    • buy and sell stocks and bonds for clients
    • set financial objectives and implement strategies for achieving the client's objectives
    • manage funds raised from personal superannuation
    • may refer clients to other organisations to obtain services outlined in financial plans.



    • Stressful

    To become a Financial Investment Manager

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