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$2,231 per week


Financial brokers act as independent agents on behalf of clients to help them to trade commodities or choose mortgage, loan or insurance products.

Work may take place in an office and often involves travel to meet clients in their homes or place of business.

Suits people with good clerical and communication skills and strengths in maths, accounting, sales and marketing.


  • monitor prices, trends and other market factors affecting the supply and demand of commodities
  • negotiate the purchase and sale of commodities such as grains, wool, minerals and metals
  • research and review available finance and insurance products to suit client needs
  • recommend loan products that meet client needs
  • calculate mortgage repayments and explain the mortgage structure to clients
  • explain insurance policy conditions, risks and benefits, and make recommendations
  • arrange insurance, mortgages and finance through banks, financiers and insurance companies
  • prepare documents that set out the conditions of finance, repayments and loan periods
  • broker commercial and property leases and finance.
  • Considerations

    • stressful.

To become a Financial Broker

Skills employers are looking for

  • Communication Skills

  • Building Relationships

  • Organisational Skills

  • Customer Service

  • Business Management

  • Problem Solving

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