Provide accounting services to companies, organisations and individuals. Accountants prepare financial statements and forms and advise clients on financial aspects of business.
$1660 per week


    Accountants provide services related to financial reporting, taxation, auditing, insolvency and accounting information systems. They assist the financial decision-making of organisations and individuals and provide advice on compliance and money management matters.

    Work is usually in an office, however travel to meet clients in their place of business or in their home may be required.

    Suited for meticulous, attentive and organised people who are comfortable working with numbers and able to communicate clearly with a wide variety of people.


    • help set up and maintain accounting systems for clients, and advise on the choice of computer-based accounting systems
    • assist in formulating budgetary and accounting policies
    • prepare financial statements for presentation to management, governing and statutory bodies
    • conduct financial investigations and audits
    • advise on the purchase and sale of businesses, mergers, capital financing, fraud, insolvency and taxation
    • prepare taxation returns for individuals and organisations, and offer taxation advice
    • liaise with financial institutions and brokers to establish funds management arrangements
    • may appraise cash flow and financial risk of capital investment projects.

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