Journalist and Other Writer

Compose articles, stories and other content for news, education, artistic, sporting, commercial or social media platforms.

$1576 per week


    Journalists and other writers research, compose, edit and present stories, feature articles and commentaries or opinion pieces. Writing activities may span across a variety of media including print (newspapers and magazines), digital (websites, podcasts and apps), online publications, radio and television.

    Work is mobile and ranges from an office environment (at a media organisation, at home or on the road) across any of the environments the journalist gathers information from. National or international travel may be required.

    Suited to those with a sound general knowledge who like to stay well informed about current events and trends. Some writers need to have in-depth knowledge in their area of speciality.

    A strong command of the English language and excellent interviewing, reporting, research, writing and communication skills are essential.



    • undertake research and gather information
    • collect, analyse and verify facts from media and printed materials, interviews and investigations
    • write articles, commentaries or stories for newspapers, radio, television, cinema, catalogues, magazines, journals and digital channels
    • interview subjects for journalistic stories
    • comply with a code of ethics regarding fairness, honestly, transparency and respect in reporting
    • be involved in content reviews prior to publication.


    • Working outdoors
    • Stressful

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