Film, Television, Radio and Stage Director

Direct the artistic and production aspects of film, television, radio and stage productions.

$1539 per week


    Film, television, radio and stage directors coordinate and manage production activities and provide direction during the production of film, television, radio and stage shows. They have input into scripts, provide creative leadership for all performers, musicians and technical crews, and are responsible for the overall product.

    Work is in offices, studios, theatres and outdoors on location. Irregular and long hours, as well as domestic and international travel can be anticipated.

    Suits creative people with strengths in visual storytelling and the ability to enhance the viewer experience though creative application of camera placement, screen action, sound, music, light and colour. Knowledge of the technical aspects of production including lighting, filming, editing and music production is required.



    • study scripts and scenarios to determine theme and setting
    • assess locations and staging requirements for productions in association with specialist designers
    • determine lighting, film, shutter angles, filter factors, camera distance, depth of field and focus, angles of view and other variables to achieve desired mood and effect
    • evaluate footage, select scenes and determine which scenes need to be re-shot
    • supervise the positioning of scenery, props and lighting and sound equipment
    • study scripts and program content to determine technical requirements, set locations and stage directions
    • work with actors to prepare for and deliver performances.



    • Physically demanding
    • Stressful

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