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Book or script editors review book manuscripts or television, movie and theatre scripts to determine whether they are suitable for publication or production. If they are suitable, the editor revises the text and suggests edits to improve the final product before it goes to publication or to production for film, television, radio or stage.

Work is usually in an office but can be performed from a laptop anywhere. Weekend or evening work may be required to meet deadlines.

Suits meticulous and creative people with an excellent command of the English language and strong attention to detail. Knowledge of media and the arts is important.


  • review and evaluate manuscripts of novels, plays, films, biographies, short stories, poems, educational texts and other books
  • edit the work to ensure the plot is coherent and the characters and themes are well developed
  • proofread the work for consistent style, and to correct grammar or typographical errors
  • advise publishers or producers about the potential of works for publication or performance
  • negotiate publication details such as royalties, publication dates and numbers of copies to be printed.


  • stressful.

To become a Book and Script Editor

Skills employers are looking for

  • Editing

  • Writing

  • Communication Skills

  • Journalism

  • Social Media

  • Organisational Skills

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