Media Producer

Ensure that the production of media content runs smoothly; be the administrative lead during the production of entertainment, information or news and current affairs content.

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    Media producers plan, organise and administer the production of film, television, radio programs, digital or social media, theatre, music, festivals or other media content. They provide leadership and administrative support and are responsible for orchestrating the creative input of others in the production of content.

    Work is in offices, production and recording studios, rehearsal rooms and on location. Long and irregular hours including nights and weekends, as well as domestic and international travel can be anticipated.

    Suits those with good contract negotiation skills, excellent leadership, decision making and organisational skills. An interest in culture and the arts is helpful, including history, literature, fashion, generational trends, music and news.



    • manage artistic and media productions to meet quality, cost and timing specifications
    • formulate and develop artistic policies, and curate artistic programs
    • control the use of media production facilities such as studios, editing equipment, stage and film equipment
    • direct the formulation of media production strategies, policies and plans.



    • Stressful

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