Visual Arts and Crafts Professional

Conceive, develop and express ideas, designs and styles for paintings, drawings, pottery pieces and sculptures.
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    Visual arts and craft professionals conceptualise creative projects and produce two or three-dimensional expressions that communicate their ideas or feelings. They use a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, carving, sculpting, modelling, printmaking, video, or multimedia.

    Work is at art studios or workshops, which could be in the artists' own home. Long hours can be expected when meeting deadlines, and travel for promotional tours can be expected.

    Suits creative people with expertise in one or more forms or mediums of art, who are motivated to express ideas and share their own vision with the public. A good general knowledge of art history and skills in self-promotion, networking, marketing and social media are all helpful.


    • select subject matter, artistic media, method and materials
    • sketch designs of proposed artworks, and make wax and plaster models
    • conceptualise light, form and atmosphere for artworks
    • mix paint, glazes or other specialist materials or media
    • apply media to surfaces or fashion objects using appropriate techniques
    • use equipment in the production or reproduction of art, including screen printing, metalworking and masonry tools, kilns, cameras and computers.


    • Physically demanding

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