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Equipment Hire Managers manage the operations of establishments engaged in the hiring out of equipment to companies involved in areas such as building and engineering construction, government, mining and resources, manufacturing, maintenance, special events, and to individuals for personal use.


  • organises and controls the work of supervisors and staff and may direct the engagement and training of staff
  • interviews commercial travellers, visits showrooms and undertakes buying missions
  • analyses market information concerning current and future changes in supply and demand for goods
  • makes purchasing, advertising, sales and credit policy decisions, and devises sales promotion methods
  • oversees the day to day operations of the business often through delegation to subordinates.


  • stressful.

To become an Equipment Hire Manager

Skills employers are looking for

  • Sales

  • Communication Skills

  • Building Relationships

  • Account Management

  • Sales Management

  • Teamwork / Collaboration

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