School Principal

Lead teachers and students at a primary or secondary school; oversee all aspects of school life including administration, management of teaching staff and the learning environment.
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    School principals plan, administer and direct the educational and administrative aspects of primary and secondary schools. They manage the physical and learning environments, seek funding for improvements and programs, lead staff and students, and represent the school within the community.

    Work is on the school campus. Some travel for conferences or professional development may be required.

    Suits experienced teachers who are strong leaders, have the confidence to speak publicly on a regular basis, and possess the ability to communicate effectively with both young people and adults. Knowledge of state laws and regulations relating to education, and skills in administration and management are important.


    • work with teachers to implement educational programs based on the curriculum
    • oversee administrative and clerical activities concerning students and their education
    • promote the school and represent the school within the wider community
    • prepare and manage school budgets
    • ensure school facilities are well maintained and safe
    • establish a safe environment for students and teachers
    • support fund raising in conjunction with parent groups
    • implement measures to monitor school performance and student enrolments
    • oversee the selection, training and supervision of staff.

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