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Supply and Distribution Managers manage the supply, storage and distribution of goods produced by organisations.


  • determines, implements, and monitors the strategies, policies and plans for purchasing, storage, and distribution
  • prepares and implements plans to maintain the required stock levels at minimum cost
  • may negotiate contracts with suppliers to meet quality, cost and delivery requirements
  • monitor and review storage and inventory systems to meet supply requirements and control stock levels
  • operates recording systems to track all movements of supplies and finished goods, to ensure the re-ordering and re-stocking at optimal times
  • liaise with other departments and customers concerning requirements for outward goods and associated forwarding transportation
  • oversees the recording of purchase, storage and distribution transactions
  • directs staff activities and monitors their performance.

To become a Supply and Distribution Manager

Skills employers are looking for

  • Logistics

  • Communication Skills

  • Planning

  • Building Relationships

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Microsoft Excel

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