Supply, Distribution and Procurement Manager

Plan and manage the supply, storage and distribution of goods, products and services produced and used by organisations.
$2519 per week


    Supply, distribution and procurement managers buy and manage the resources, goods and services required by an organisation or a project or department within that organisation. They interact with vendors to arrange the supply of goods and manage logistics and distribution to ensure business operations are adequately resourced and efficient.

    Work is usually in an office. Regular visits to warehouses and storage facilities can be expected.

    Suited for those with good communication and computer skills who are organised and reliable. Knowledge of production processes, administration and management is important.


    • determine, implement and monitor production strategies, policies and plans
    • create plans to maintain required stock levels at minimum cost
    • liaise with other departments and customers about the requirement for goods or services
    • negotiate supplier contracts that meet the organisation's requirements and budget
    • monitor and review storage and inventory systems and control stock levels
    • oversee systems that track movements of supplies and finished goods
    • keep comprehensive records of purchase, storage and distribution transactions
    • direct staff activities and monitor performance.

    To become a Supply, Distribution and Procurement Manager

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