Finance Manager

Plan, organise, control and supervise all the financial and accounting activities within an organisation.

$2286 per week


    Finance managers oversee the financial planning, budgeting and expenditure of their organisation. They are responsible to manage and mitigate financial risks to the organisation.

    They typically work at an office or the headquarters of their organisation.

    Suited for organised people with an interest in working with numbers. Attention to detail and good communication skills are important.


    • manage the cash flow in and out of the organisation
    • make decisions on investments and distribution of earnings
    • create and implement financial and budgetary strategies, policies and plans
    • monitor and evaluate the financial trends and organisational efficiency
    • check the financial and business risks of projects and ensure debts are collected
    • plan and prepare budgets and documents such as the annual report
    • ensure the business is compliant with legal and legislative requirements
    • assess finance proposals and the financial status of operational projects
    • set up and run the accounting systems within the organisation
    • forecast the organisation's financial position.

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