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Sales and marketing managers plan and direct the development, promotion and sale of an organisation's goods and services.

Work is in offices and may involve travel and attendance of conferences and other special events.

Suitable for people who can communicate clearly, have strong people skills and are reliable. Skills in administration and management are also important.


  • plan the sales and marketing policies and plans of an organisation
  • help develop new products and services using market research
  • organise and control sales activities; set product mix, sales areas and customer service standards
  • identify new target markets
  • analyse and report on advertising and marketing campaigns
  • report on sales and ensure sales targets are reached
  • manage and develop sales and marketing staff
  • direct sales methods and arrangements by setting prices and credit arrangements.

To become a Sales and Marketing Manager

Skills employers are looking for

  • Sales

  • Business Development

  • Communication Skills

  • Building Relationships

  • Sales Management

  • Marketing

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